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A Saturday afternoon of music and cakes

With the international pianists Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch and Shida Shahabi, cellist Resina and a composer Dave Howell of 13701 Music record label, the 289 session of Daylight Music concerts at the beautiful Union Chapel in Islington was a delightful experience for the audience. The well advertised apple strudel prepared by the team at the Margins Project, who supports people facing homelessness, was the hit too. I covered the event after the prep, listening to music and previous performances, getting the idea of the possible set-up and expressions, coming over early for the soundcheck to meet the musicians and talk about their inspiration, lineup and concert set list. The chapel is a 19c. breathtaking building with an array of possible takes I was able to present. The reportage includes behind the scenes stories that audience do not normally see, as they are getting their place in the queue. The engineers, chefs, security, photo and video teams all work hard together to prepare this great Saturday event.


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