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We like We concert photography

We Like We is a Danish performance and sound collective of classically trained musicians, violinist Katrine Grarup Elbo, cellist Josefine Opsahl, percussionist Sara Nigard Rosendal and vocalist Katinka Fogh Vindelev. With their 2017 album "Next to the entire All" and same year project "Time is Local", released a few weeks ago through the German label Sonic Pieces,

Katrine and Katinka have travelled to London for the performance during the Daylight Music event in Union Chapel, Islington. "Time is Local" was a collaboration with the Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard, involved a sound and visual performance in the 12 chambers of Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen. The duo performed compositions such as "Jupiter", "Nemesis", "Vulcan" titles relating to Greek gods. During their "Duet" song, they simultaneously left the stage and started walking between the audience, while still playing and performing. Katinka's soprano pierced the church, while Katrine's violin added direction to the performance. They circled the audience and returned on stage to continue the set, while the people gathered for the concert were watching and filming this concept on their phones. Here is the documentary of this gig, posted on social media as well.


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