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Cato Conspiracy event in London

Together with the other creatives Pavel and Tym, I've visited the Cato Conspiracy reenactment at Marylebone this afternoon to film the 200 anniversary of the plot. During filming, I've also talked to a few locals putting the event together and photographed them telling stories on the event and their private lives.

Cato Conspiracy was a small group led by Arthur Thistlewood, a prominent radical in London, protested against the laws forbidding gathering of working men with a common purpose, as well as harsh living standards in 19c. metropolis. Th name's derived from the Cato Street after their last meeting place, near Edgware Road. The group aimed to overthrow the government by assassinating the Prime Minister with an entire Cabinet. The conspirators were found out through a double spy and punished, with a few of them hanged publicly.

The reenactment presented the lives of the 19c. Londoners from all walks of life: aristocrats, workers, petty thieves etc. with stories from the speakers, locals wandering around in the periodic clothes, hanging out pancakes, cookies, non-alcoholic gin (!) and others. The visitors could stop for a chat, watch the street theatre or take a ride in the horse carriage - which we all gladly did. Here is a documentary from the day, working on the video footage as well.


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