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Capturing The Magic (trailer)

This is a feature documentary on the artist Dave Shrimpton and the wet plate collodion photographic process.


Dave is using vintage methods from the dawn of photography to create his projects including portraiture, nude art and still nature.


His works evoke dreams, classic literature tales and pure experiments, embracing the wet collodion process that is dynamic to work with, as well as unique and exciting, since this method produces one of a kind results.

Join our viewers and learn:

  • how the early photography process looks like and what do enthusiasts do with it in the 21st century?

  • what one thinks about when living alone in the forest in Transylvania

  • what was the craziest setup during a photoshoot involving?

  • how unique photos are created

  • how the Victorian darkroom looks like and why you may leave it with stains on your hands

  • what it looked like to have a nail stuck up the nose for an interesting portrait

For behind the scenes you may head to this blog post:

and this one:

More videos available on the YouTube channel via an icon below. 

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