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Daylight Music - concert photography

Raúl Pastor Medall aka Rauelsson is a sound artist composing music with elements of electronics, synthesizers, field recordings. His Saturday gig at Daylight Music in Union Chapel, Islington presented 30-minutes piece from his Mirall album released by Berlin's label Sonic Pieces. In the composition joining tape machines, clarinet, string, and piano, I was able to find echoes of Pink Floyd-like notes in part of his music, possibly sensitive to the sound of 60s legend. Here is the documentary, including many angles and part of Rauelsson's gear.

Final photos are from the grand finale, when a few groups released by Sonic Temple joined on stage to play farewell. Label's manager Monique Recknagel came on stage along Ben Eshmade, who was running the event, to thank the audience and the musician for the inspiring day.


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