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Daylight Music concerts

A few of my shots were chosen to represent Daylight Music event series, now run in three different London locations on Saturday afternoons.

As there was such a big break for artists to perform live, I've used strong, juicy colours and carefully curated the moments to show the joy that music brings to people.

Please check out the variety of artists and their approach to songwriting, performing, even building their own instruments in some cases, blending tech and tradition, playing field recordings, like water or sound of steps.

Among the artists were Ell Kendall with the orchestra, Bex Burch on percussion and augmented gyil with Kim Macari on a trumpet, Maria Grapsa on a piano in duo with Sam Ingvorsen on double bass, and Joe Harvey-Whyte on a pedal steel.

A fascinating time to be able to preserve these memories, even if sometimes I hunt for good angles around the venue so much I don't have the capacity to notice all nuances in melodies.


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