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Daylight Music fun with stories

Storyteller Vanessa Wolf-Hoyle aka London Dreamtime has presented Hans Christian Andersen's classic "Snow Queen" at the Daylight Music stage in Islington. During the event, the tale was intertwined with rock and folk classics delivered by guitarist George Hoyle, keyboard/pianist Oliver Parfitt and drummer Sam Kelly. Vanessa has introduced special multi-sensory perks into the event, when she asked the audience to participate and smell cinnamon and spices or create snow out of the foam she run to distribute together with a few volunteers. Eaves-dropping and actively searching out, I found out where and when in the enormous Union Chapel the activities will take place, so when it was agreed, I positioned myself on the side of the stage standing and facing the public to shoot as many experiences and facial expressions as possible. It paid off, as both adults and children present had a lot of fun during the experience. Full documentary of the day below:


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