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Filming at the art temple

Today I ventured for a new project filming at the art temple of Dave Shrimpton photography studio.

Dave runs wet collodion and film photography workshops in his place in Cambridgeshire.

I did an interview as well as background scenes and still life filming.

Prior filming I've worked on precise lighting and eliminating anything that is distracting for the story of that particular scene. I've used a lot of manual focus to direct a viewer attention, like in a scene where portraits are reflecting in the mirror - I only wanted to show a certain part of the studio, not the wall, the decorations or other bits the space is abundant with.

I've researched the topic in books and videos, prepared questions for the interview, decided on light and audio setup, and worked around the studio props, with a lot of unique and precious items, such as this delicate necklace made of feather and stones.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos. The ones where I'm appearing on are made by Dave.

Second shot: Rode microphone was turned off for this take.

The framed photo is from one of the workshops I did last year, I cherish this portrait created on a tin plate.

This photographic film in a yellow box can still be used, it will offer unexpected results.

You may also see a pictures of various timers standing in the dark room, which help plan the precise time spent on developing photos with chemicals.

The shot of a mannequin is a preview of a scene the way it appears at the back of a vintage camera.


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