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Gabinet Looster warming up London

Gabinet Looster with its warm reggae/ska songs warmed up the audience on the Saturday winter night at the Scala concert for a Polish charity Great Orchestra of Christmas (WOSP), raising money towards specialist medical equipment for children hospitals, eg. RMI scans.

The band's current lineup with Adam Szczebel on vocals and rhythm guitar, Robert Wiktorowicz on drums, Piotr Wróbel on a guitar, Rafał Wrona on bass, Bartek Kowalski on keyboards/accordion, Adrian Los on saxophone, Tomek Pańków on a trumpet and guest appearance of Basia Bartz on a violin delivered a solid, dynamic performance, that made people dance happily. Post-gig, they donated a signed guitar for an auction run by the organisers, to help this good cause.


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