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Guitar on fire - concert photography

Sometimes from one's facial expression you can anticipate the energy about to burst. So it happened with the performance that German composer, producer and radio writer Frank Schültge aka F.S. Blumm served at Daylight Music event at Islington's Union Chapel, hence this figurative blog title (no guitar was harmed during the concert). Frank plays guitar and a range of accessories, including spoons, bells, spiral box and various objects, which I noticed arranged carefully on the stage floor near the spot he was supposed to perform. His compositions include elements of electronics, delays and effects. During the performance he is moving like a quick silver, his facial expressions and body parts swiftly change and complement the melodies. An absolute joy to photograph, even in tricky light conditions. During his gig I was documenting in colour as a standard, however later changed this series to black and white as I'd like to emphasize the expressions, instead of tones. Included are a few colour versions for comparison. Frank's new album "Nice to have you" with poetic lyrics and gentle melodies has included several guests stepping in with vocals and instruments eg. Suetszu, Christopher Reitmeier, Jeff Özdemir.


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