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Magic from the mind

Here are the results of the last few weeks of working on the fantasy series inspired by books and a general interest in history and literature. The motif is 'magic' and how this sorceress is capable of channelling the powers within her.

I'm currently reading 'The Witcher' by Andrzej Sapkowski, a series popularised by games and films and this reading made me explore the topic of magic more.

I've shot this series with Veronica in the studio, already having in mind the later stages. One of the shots with her lurking from behind the pointed hood had this chilling quality for me. As Veronica's eyes are tattooed black, it added to the mystery of the character portrayed.

I have searched the motifs of witches thinking what elements would suit the subject, what powers would she have, what would be the objects she'd surround herself with. Based on this, I've done extensive editing of the originals to hint on the sorceress's story.

Check out the portraits prior and after the fantasy style editing and let me know on Facebook or Instagram what resonates with you, please.


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