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On TikTok and music

I have created an account on TikTok last night under KatCiemiegaArt, after having some slight prejudice to this social media, I have to say. I will be doing my own thing. You can expect behind the scenes from the sets, snippets of current photo and video projects, a solid dose of metal and rock, pinch or two of humour, will throw some cats too (metaphorically, of course). The first video here is the backstage from filming a piece on catharsis, which I storyboarded a few weeks ago and shot in Hackney with my muse and friend Catarina Correia, in a beautifully run down warehouse area in and out of the rain. I have more video projects coming, including a documentary - photo below, so stay tuned. If you're on TikTok, please follow for fun visuals and say hi, it's better exploring this world with good people you know.

As the topic suggests, I would like to talk about music too. Around 2am after I signed up to TikTok and started exploring it, I got into an online listening party at Sammy Boller's account. Sammy, a guitarist from Detroit and a winner of Satriani's competition, has sat in a hotel room and played songs from his new album called "Kingdom of the Sun" released last year. Please, please check this album out. It contains some of the most melodic and well written pieces of music out there. There's this genius string pull at 1:05 in "Cloak of Light" that ties this track so well together that I find it really hard to describe my feelings for it with words, which doesn't happen often. Ah, the glory of internet and social media that connect us in far away places and open minds.

Thank you for checking the blog. Have a good day!


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