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Portrait photo shoot in London

During our photo shoot with a blogger Nataliya, we were aiming at a natural chic look, sort of a casual Sunday walk in Chelsea, which on that day was full of Londoners enjoying the sunny May day outdoors.

Nataliya is currently blogging on well-being, art, fashion and is involved in environmental projects as well, you can find her under @nataliya_resh on Instagram.

Prior the photo shoot, we had a make-up artist on set, who took care of her hair and looks.

The photo shoot took us to the quiet space in one of the residential alleys, where we could work on a few looks without much distraction.

Aiming at showing features and grace, I posed Nataliya in a way that would show her best, point the outfit she liked and the make-up. The poses may not be always comfortable from the person’s point of view, however they do work emphasizing the body lines, the shape in an harmonious way, hence the choice. Sometimes the most casual look takes the most preparation work!

From the alley we also moved to work indoors in one of the local cafés during the afternoon tea and ventured into more lifestyle kind of photos. Updates on the rest of them soon!


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