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Portraits of Quentin in France

We worked on this shoot in early hours in a beautiful Parc Pasteur located in the centre of Orleans, France. Quentin appeared with a few accessories, including sixteen centimetres white platforms, that contrasted well with the rest of his outfit. The park was quiet and the only people there were the workers going about their duties. A few warm up poses led to more action, such as walking on the tiles going across the park's pond. Now here, Quentin, had to be chilled out and hold his nerves not to not slip and did a good job there. To get different angles of the pond portraits, I was also working the core and abs while hanging near the pond, it was all worth it!

We explored attitude and grace and used my private hoodie to change the look. I caught the warm light a few times and created colourful flares to add vibrancy to the photos. Final images of this fun two hour session come from using the patterns on the fence to drop shadow on Quentin's body.


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