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Seax, drugs and rock'n'roll

Seax have, literally, bumped into London metal lovers at the famous The Dev in Camden and left them hungry for more.

During their show on 6th July they presented the songs from last three releases including 2016 “Speed Metal Mania” and the singer Carmine Blades jumped right into the audience gathered by the stage, to experience some small space mosh with everyone else, which can turn intense. A joyous moment to watch from the relatively camera-safe space, where the DJs have their deck. Based in Worcester, MA the band members are Carmine on vocals, Razzle and Hel on guitars and Derek Jay on drums. During the present tour the lineup changed a little, with Eli Firicano on a guitar and Cristiano Lobo on bass. Seax are currently touring Europe extensively with other musicians from Lich King and Ravage. Fast and loud execution got through some technical trouble, with other touring band mates rushing to help and they continued without losing their mojo. High fives with the audience were the natural finish of this intense gig. Shooting this event was a gymnastics-like challenge: observing the scenes and getting the stage moments from the deck, squatting to get the low angle view, jumping in between the songs to the front row, when the crowd stops to grasp some air after fast dancing, otherwise you risk your neck and your lens. Adrenaline non-stop, love this job!

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