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Serious Black live music memories

I miss gigs and I would like to bring this previously unpublished live music material and reflections:

Back in October 2017 I landed in Vienna for a short time working at an event. When the event prep was finished, I ventured for an evening walk to photograph and get to know the city. I checked what is happening music-wise and decided to try out a place called Viper Room (LA name vibes). Outside of it I saw a poster with a guy in a top hat and kind of Houdini-like piercing look. Obviously I had to go in. The band called Serious Black played melodic metal and even to this day I remember the singer Urban Breed was very involved in talking to the public and getting people engaged. I haven't published this previously because it was before I got hands on better equipment managing to withstand some of these light conditions in venues, but now I think to hell with perfection, the composition, drama and atmosphere are there, so I'm embracing this now and also sharing.


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